Established in 2001, SCPC is a locally owned enterprise jointly owned and managed by two partners.

Barry Usselman

Barry Usselman boasts an extensive background in the industrial coatings industry, commencing his involvement in 1988. With over 30 years of accumulated expertise, his contributions are invaluable to the company’s ongoing growth trajectory.

Eugene Betke

Eugene Betke has immersed himself in the industrial coatings industry since 1989. Possessing a profound grasp of coating application methodologies and processes, his wealth of experience significantly contributes to the success of this organization.


At SCPC, we take great pride in our team of approximately 50 employees, each fulfilling diverse roles including Material Handling, Sandblasting, Powder Coating, Shipping and Receiving, and Production Support.
Embodying a culture that places meticulous attention to detail at its core, we deeply value our employees, recognizing them as industry trailblazers. Our workforce exemplifies a commitment to both safety, quality, and skillfully managing intricate coating specifications.
Our exceptional track record speaks volumes about our dedication to working safely, delivering top-tier quality, meeting stringent deadlines, and surpassing customer expectations.

These accomplishments are wholly credited to our devoted team, whose unwavering efforts make our success possible.

Our employees benefit from continuous growth opportunities during their tenure with us, along with monthly and annual staff gatherings, and health benefits following the probationary period.

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Jason W

Our Operations Manager brings to the table more than three decades of extensive experience in the Production Industry, complemented by a wealth of achievements and recognition. His proficiency in safety protocols, quality assurance measures, and enhancing productivity has been pivotal in propelling our growth and ensuring customer contentment. Since becoming part of our team in 2022, Jason has shown a keen enthusiasm to advance our flourishing business in collaboration with our exceptional staff and management. Acting as the main liaison for customer queries and concerns related to production and product delivery, Jason holds a critical position in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Shop Supervisors

Our shop supervisors serve as leaders, mentors, and instructors within our organization.

Nay L  

With over a decade of tenure in our company, Nay started in sandblasting before transitioning to the shipping and receiving department.

Nay has since excelled in diverse roles across the organization.

Kyle G 

Joining our team in 2008 as a Labor and Material Handler, Kyle advanced to become a skilled industrial painter and later assumed a managerial role.

Kyle has extensive expertise across all operational facets of our organization.

Virginia B

Our Human Resource Manager brings over a decade of managerial and customer service experience to the table. Her distinctive insights have introduced innovative concepts to our operations, particularly in strategic planning, scheduling, staff supervision, marketing, and customer service. Since joining in 2022, she has played a pivotal role in effectively managing and resolving inquiries from both our employees and customers.

Office Manager

Our Office Manager possesses ten years of experience and fulfills the crucial role of managing accounts receivable and accounts payable.