SCPC founded in 2001, is locally owned and managed equally by two partners.

Barry Usselman

Barry Usselman has been involved in the industrial coatings industry since 1988. His 30+ years of knowledge and experience is invaluable in his role as this company continues to grow. 


Eugene Betke

Eugene Betke has been involved in the industrial coatings industry since 1989. With extensive background in coating application and processes, his experience is immeasurable in this company.



We are proud to employ approximately 58 staff members in all different positions including Material Handling, Sandblasting, Powder Coating, Shipping and Receiving and Production Support.

SCPC is a detail-oriented company, and we believe our staff are the best in the industry.

Safety and Quality are given equal importance as our staff execute complex coating specifications. Our track record speaks for itself as we have a reputation for working safely, doing top quality work, meeting deadlines, and truly going above and beyond for our customers. It is absolutely a credit to our staff because we cannot do it without them. 

Our staff are benefited with opportunities for growth throughout their careers with us, monthly and yearly staff parties and health benefits after our probationary period. 

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Virginia B

Our Human Resource Manager and Production Planner has over 9 years of management and customer service experience. Her fresh set of eyes bring expansive ideas to our business on planning, scheduling, employee management, marketing and customer service. Ensuring that our employee and customer questions or concerns are all answered since joining our team in 2022.

Office Manager

Our Office Manager has over 10 years’ experience and is the contact for accounts receivable and account payable.  

Jason W

Our Production Manager has over +20 years in the Production Industry, with many achievements and accomplishments. His knowledge of safety, quality, and productivity has helped us expand and ensure our customers are getting the product they expect and enjoy. Joined us in 2022, Jason is excited to continue to grow this ever-growing business with the amazing staff and management. Jason is the point of contact for many of our customers for questions and concerns via production or shipping of product. 

Shop Supervisors

Our Shop Supervisors are Leaders, Instructors, and Role-Models.

Nay L  

Nay has been with our company for over 10 years, first started here in sandblasting for many years then moved into shipping and receiving which lead to learning all roles throughout his time here. Leader of our Dayshift.

Kyle G 

 Been with us since 2008, first started as a Labor and Material Handler, who worked into being one of our industrial painters, into management. Has array of knowledge in all our processes and is the Leader of our Nightshift. 

Darren S

New to the company in 2022, with over 10 years of management experience. Although learning, is quite versed in safety and quality standards as being the Leader of our Weekend shift.