“Clearing The Air” About Powder Coating - Part Two

SCPC has been providing industrial sandblasting and powder coating services to Saskatoon and area for 23 years. Over this time, there have been many unanswered questions, myths, and even some misinformation regarding the powder coating process. This often includes where and when powder coatings can (and should) be used, and much more. Over the next few months, we will post articles in the SIMSA newsletter to help clear up some of these questions.

One of the most common myths or misunderstood issues is that “Powder coatings cannot be touched up on site, so we cannot include powder coatings in our project”. This is incorrect.

Quite often when painted product (solvent based or powder coated) goes out to site for installation, there is shipping or handling damage, installation damage, and sometimes on-site welding that needs to be repaired once the installation is complete. In the case of a traditional solvent based coating, the repair process involves sanding the affected area, cleaning this area, then applying an approved primer & topcoat to protect the substrate. This is a common practice and is an acceptable method to repair a wide variety of coating damage.

The truth of this matter is that powder coatings can be repaired and touched up exactly the same way, with exactly the same materials as the solvent based materials. There is no reason to exclude powder coatings from your project if on-site repairs and touch ups are a concern. While it is true that the actual powder coating process cannot be done on site to repair a damaged area, the repair process on a powder coated surface is equally as good as the repairs commonly accepted when dealing with damaged traditional solvent based coatings.

The news gets even better when you consider that, when done properly and with the correct materials, a powder coated finish is exceptionally durable and will withstand the shipping, handling, and installation much better and will require less repair when installed.

To learn more, please give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to explain this process in greater detail.

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