mining industry

The inherent corrosive nature of the materials involved in the mining industry is extremely demanding on the coatings used. It is because of this demand that powder coatings have emerged as a viable option in this market.

The proven corrosion resistance and the exceptional durability of powder coatings are two main reasons for this increase. When you add the benefits of reduced turnaround times and competitive pricing, powder coatings are quickly becoming a recognized and relied upon choice for industrial coatings in this industry. We recognize that Powder Coatings and wet coatings both have a place in this market, and ultimately the end user can reap the rewards of utilizing both coating technologies.

Akzo Nobel Coatings is a worldwide supplier of both wet coatings and powder coatings, and in particular here in the Saskatchewan mining industry with brands such as ICI Devoe and International Paints. We have developed a relationship with Akzo Nobel Coatings to ensure that the powder coating systems we offer will provide similar performance to the existing legacy coatings which the mining industry has implemented in the past.

The World Class Corrosion Resistant Epoxies supplied by Akzo Nobel that we offer provide performance for any project necessary. 

Over the past 22 years, SCPC has sandblasted, and powder coated a great many projects for the Saskatchewan mining industry. There is powder coated product in every potash mine in the province. There is powder coated product in the uranium mines as well. Powder Coatings are making an impact and the mining industry.